journey to true love

I'm very hard to forget you after what you've implanted in the heart. to be honest I was very disappointed when the month of Ramadan was the reason you decided you were me, you said you were mad at your sister dating the same but what is the reality behind you cheated me.
but why think it never goes away .. I remember the first time we met and even then I was struggling to get to meet you. at the time I did not have a car but I was struggling to just meet up with you after 5 months of dating we never met, at that time a couple of times I asked my friend to help me mengantari to meet with you but what with the thousands of reasons you do not want see me but i one day you want to see me at the time did not have a friend who had accompanied me but lucky I was home my friend who happens to shamelessly wrote me tell him to accompany me.
in the first meet that I will always remember tempatya, circumstances, and all the time.
I'm sure the first time we met, we added close and we love each other. when you're home from school you always telephone me, as I'm always willing to see you. I'm sure in time you really loved me.
  ..... will be continued



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